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Chesler Park Off Road/Hiking Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+
Child Ages 16 & Under

An outstanding National Park tour!

A 4X4 tour that takes you over famous Elephant Hill, & a hike along the “Joint Trail” to the spacious pastures of Chesler Park.

Scenic vistas and incredible views are enjoyed throughout the adventure. Our route takes us over famous Elephant Hill, renowned for its difficulty as one of the most challenging trails in Southeastern Utah. We’ll see the Devil’s Kitchen along the way and cruise down Devil’s Lane before encountering SOB Hill, another challenge on the trail to our 4X4 vehicles.

Colorful inspiring rock formations, pinion, juniper and the fragrance of sage brush entice the senses. Numerous species of cacti, active bird populations, various lizards, Mule Deer and Big Horn Sheep are frequently observed. We’ll see incredible rock art along the way, all under the vibrant, blue sky of the desert southwest.

The incredible landforms of the Needles are beautiful beyond description and entirely unique in their grandeur. All who visit here are in awe. After a relaxing lunch we will hike the “Joint Trail” to the spacious pastures of Chesler Park, one of the most spectacular sights in Canyonlands. The “Joint Trail” provides a good walking surface, but does have a fairly steep uphill pitch to it. The trail is three miles long, round trip, and participants can expect a strenuous hike. We have limited hiking time and elderly hikers should be in good shape. The hike is optional and some prefer to relax at the vehicle while others hike. Either way you experience the spectacular beauty and remote silence of the Needles. Certainly, one of the premiere 4X4 tours in the country.

We travel in heavy duty yet comfortable 4X4 vehicles. We depart the Needles Outpost at 9am.
You would need to be at the Needles Outpost Store 15 minutes prior to departure.

If you do not have 3 people you are welcome to pay the cost of the 3rd person to make your trip possible.