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Lavender Canyon Off Road/Hiking Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+
Child Ages 16 & Under

Explore with us a remote canyon that few rarely see.

Lavender Canyon is indeed a jewel of Canyonlands National Park. It is full of archeological sites, giant stone arches, and stunning beauty in every direction. From red to orange striped sandstone with yellow honeycomb facets and dark purple mesas and towers, Lavender is picturesque.

We follow a meandering arroyo across desert landscape to experience a small part of what inspired Lavender to write so eloquently about the American West.

There are two major creek crossings with steep banks along the 4X4 trail. Watch the canyon walls, many arches and archeological sites may be viewed right from the road.

An alcove with five cylindrical dwellings must have provided a comfortable shelter for the Ancestral Puebloeans who previously occupied this area.

Among the abundant arches to be discovered are Caterpillar, Handhold, Teapot, and the enormous Cleft Arch. We’ll take in one of these masterpieces over a buffet style picnic lunch that is included in the trip.

Lavender Canyon is undeveloped and deliberately left in a primitive state. This remote wilderness trip is a spectacular all day National Park experience.

We travel in heavy duty yet comfortable 4X4 vehicles. We depart the Needles Outpost at 9am.
You would need to be at the Needles Outpost Store 15 minutes prior to departure.